Tasty Fruit Juices in LCHF – KETO Diet

If you recently started keto diet and was a fan of fruit juices or shakes, you might like this article about making kinds of fruit juices with allowed fruits in keto diet. You know only Avocado, Grape Fruit and some berries are only allowed in keto diet. So lets see what can we make from those allowed fruits.

LCHF – KETO Fruit Juices

Note – Stevia or Sugar free tablets which contain 0g of carbohydrate is not allowed in keto diet. It will increase the amount of insulin in the body along with increased crave for sugary foods.

Coconut Juice

Take half a portion of grated coconut along with tender coconut (Tender coconut water is not allowed)

Mix the grated coconut in a mixer along with three cardomom. Strain and blend it with tender coconut in the mixer again. Add water to reduce viscosity.

Goose berry and mint leaves juice

Add goose berry along with pudina into a mixer. Add a pinch of salt to taste

Strawberry almond juice

First crush the almond. Add coconut milk and blend it. Add strawberry, blend it again. Add water to reduce viscosity.

Avocado Almond Juice

Add 20 rinsed badam nuts (almond) along with avocado pieces. Mix it in a mixer. Add cardomon for taste.

Bluberry coconut juice

Take 1 cup of coconut milk. Add 20 nos blue berry. Mix it in the mixer.

Strawberry – Avocado – Coconut Juice

Mix 4 – 5 straw berry, one medium avocado along with coconut milk. Blend nicely, ready to serve.

Remember, you are not allowed to add any sugar or sugar alternatives to any of these juices. Try to limit the blue berry among berries as it has high glucose content.

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