Foods in lchf – keto diet

In a lchf-keto diet, you need to avoid maximum carbohydrates as possible. Use natural fats and controlled amount of meat as far as possible. You can eat all those coming under those two categories until you feel satiety. You can also eat some specific vegetables and nuts as well.

You can eat all meat except chicken grown in farms. You need to eat meat with maximum fat content. For eg. brain, liver, kidney, heart, intestines, lungs etc is much better.

You can eat beef, lamb, camel, duck, rabbit, wild animal meat etc. You need to use olive oil, coconut oil or butter to cook.You can grill and use as well.

You can eat all fish and eggs in this diet.

Butter, different types of cheese, cream etc can be eaten in this diet. Whole milk, natural youghurt, butter milk is also accepted. Limit your milk intake to 50ml/day. Milk contains a carbohydrate called lactose. Butter is a main ingredient in this diet.

You can eat nuts in this diet. Badam, Walnut, Pecan nut, Macadamia, Brazil nut, Hazel nut is the best. Cashew and Pista are allowed only in limited amounts.

Vegetables like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Zucchini, Brussel sprouts, Courgette, Tomato, Brinjal, Ladies Finger, Capsicum are allowed.

Green leafy vegetables like lettuce, Kale, Palak, spinach are allowed.

What to avoid in a lchf – keto diet

All cereals – rice, wheat, barley, ragi, oats etc should be avoided. Even all the food made from cereals for eg. rice, chappathi, bread, pathiri, puttu, appam, dosa, iddly, bakery items, pudding, payasam etc also should be not used.

Pulses like potatoes, tapioca, sweet potato, beetroot etc also should be avoided.

All the fruits which is sweet or which becomes sweet when ripened should not be used. Only berries, butter fruit, grape fruit are allowed in this diet.

All oils except coconut oil and olive oil are not allowed.

Even artificial fats like dalda, margarin etc also should be avoided.

People with specific conditions

If you have increased uric acid or creatinine in your blood, you should reduce protein in your diet. Decrease meat and fish. Egg can be eaten. They can use butter, cheese, olive oil in the diet. When uric acid and creatinine comes to normal, those people can continue normal lchf diet.

People with cancer

Those with cancer should avoid carbohydrate fully and limit meat intake. They can have vegetables. Taking water fasting for a week after two months of lchf dieting will make autophagy faster in their body. This will destroy cancer cells in body.

For Asthma patients

Taking one week long water fasting in an year of keto diet is beneficial in controlling asthma.

Sample lchf – keto diet

Break fast

Butter coffee (25 gm butter mixed with black coffee (nescafe classic))

Some nuts

Two egg (Omlette or boiled)


Fried or curried meat, fish or egg along with salad or fried vegetables.


Butter coffee along with nuts


Same as lunch

You can make changes within the diet time periods. For variety lots of keto recipes are available in internet.

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