Salad Ideas for LCHF – KETO Diet

In an LCHF – KETO Diet, salad is an important component. This is because you will get your required fat from meat, egg, fish and butter which you are consuming. But you need to depend on green leafy vegetables and fruits for cyour vitamins and minerals. Salad removes that problem by adding enough vitamins and minerals to your diet. But remember you are only allowed to take 250 – 300 gms of vegetables/person/day in the lchf-keto diet. In this article we will see a variety of salads which you can eat in a LCHF – KETO Diet. Please note that most of the components in these salads are more or less the same, only dressings differ. Continue reading “Salad Ideas for LCHF – KETO Diet”

Tasty Fruit Juices in LCHF – KETO Diet

If you recently started keto diet and was a fan of fruit juices or shakes, you might like this article about making kinds of fruit juices with allowed fruits in keto diet. You know only Avocado, Grape Fruit and some berries are only allowed in keto diet. So lets see what can we make from those allowed fruits. Continue reading “Tasty Fruit Juices in LCHF – KETO Diet”

Arabian meat Soup

This is an easy to make soup with minimum ingredients but high in fat beneficial for lchf – keto diet followers. You should be aware that your fat intake should be between 100 – 120 gm per day and you should limit your protein intake t0 70 – 80 gm per day. You can have 200 gm to 250 gm of meat/day in two meals. In this recipe, an Arabian soup preparation is given. Meat used can be Mutton, Chicken, Beef or Camel as well. Cook according to the type used. Continue reading “Arabian meat Soup”

Breakfast Ideas in LCHF – KETO Diet

If you are on a LCHF – KETO diet and thinking of what to have for the morning breakfast, this article is for you. Butter coffee in the morning is highly recommended in LCHF – KETO Diet. More details are given below

Continue reading “Breakfast Ideas in LCHF – KETO Diet”