Ketosis in lchf-keto diet


In lchf-keto diet, more stress is given to getting into ketosis state. What exactly is ketosis? What will happen if your brain doesn’t get carbohydrate? Is ketosis and ketoacidosis the same? You will get all the answers in this article. Continue reading “Ketosis in lchf-keto diet”

Alcohol and Lchf-Keto diet


You are in a lchf- keto diet and a party comes in your way. You can taste most of the meat and salad. Can you have a peg or two and still on keto? We will explain in this article Continue reading “Alcohol and Lchf-Keto diet”

What are you allowed to eat in a Keto diet?

In a lchf-keto diet, you need to avoid maximum carbohydrates as possible. Use natural fats and controlled amount of meat as far as possible. You can eat all those coming under those two categories until you feel satiety. You can also eat some specific vegetables and nuts as well. Continue reading “What are you allowed to eat in a Keto diet?”

How eating fat lowers your cholesterol level in Keto Diet?

Cholesterol in LCHF KETO DietKeto diet includes eating of everything which is a usual ‘no’ for obese people from doctor’s side. For eg. Red meat, butter, milk, coconut oil, olive oil etc in bulk amounts and limiting the traditional cereals you where eating before. As a matter of fact, many people are worried that Keto diet or LCHF diet may increase their cholesterol level in the blood. Is there any truth behind? Is it a myth? We will try to get answer in this article. Continue reading “How eating fat lowers your cholesterol level in Keto Diet?”