Breakfast Ideas in LCHF – KETO Diet

If you are on a LCHF – KETO diet and thinking of what to have for the morning breakfast, this article is for you. Butter coffee in the morning is highly recommended in LCHF – KETO Diet. More details are given below

Breakfast ideas for LCHF – KETO Diet

Butter Coffee

Add 20 gram butter or full fat fresh cream to black coffee or tea with out sugar. You can use blender to mix it or can mix it with a spoon until the butter is fully dissolved. Nescafe Classic original is the commonly recommended coffee powder in lchf – keto diet. If you are allergic to milk or milk products, you can use two teaspoons of coconut oil. This coffee is also called “bullet proof coffee” as it gives 6 – 8 hours of stamina. Its essential for fat reversal in body.

Type 1

One bulls eye (2 eggs) along with Cucumber slices + Butter Coffee

Type 2

Omlete with cherry tomatoes and spreaded cheese. You can add topings like brinjal fry or mushroom fry for this omlette. Remember only 3 tsps of onion is allowed per day and vegetables < 250 gm/day + Butter Coffee

Type 3

For vegetarians paneer fry can be used. Mix egg with pepper and salt. Dip paneer in that and fry it in coconut or olive oil + Butter Coffee

Type 4

Fresh cream coffee (one table spoon cream ) along with nuts (100 gm of walnut and almond can be used)

Pista max – 10 pcs, Cashew Max – 10 pcs

Type 5

Butter tea (20 gm butter in black tea with out sugar), two boiled eggs (preferably free range ones) and few cucumber slices

Max egg allowed is 3 eggs (Only 75 gms of protein is allowed)

Type 6

Fried egg baji (Dip the egg in coconut chutney and fry it in olive or coconut oil) + Butter Coffee

Type 7

Bulls eye along with butter coffee

Type 8

Use dosa with badam flour, egg and coconut. Videos are available in youtube + Butter Coffee


Use dosa with flax seeds, eggg and coconut

Type 9

For vegetarians – Make a paneer burji using tomato (only 2 allowed per day), ball peper and spring onion. Add garam masala or pepper along with salt to taste. + Butter Coffee

Type 10

Two boiled eggs, 1 avocado along with butter coffee

Type 11

Spinach omlete with butter coffee

The idea of lchf fooding is such as eat only when hungry and stop eating when your hunger is over.

Increase the intervals between meals

Use sea salt for flavouring.

Drink atleast 3 – 4 liters of water per day.

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