Alcohol and Lchf-Keto diet


You are in a lchf- keto diet and a party comes in your way. You can taste most of the meat and salad. Can you have a peg or two and still on keto? We will explain in this article

Drinking alcohol in Keto diet

When we dive into this topic, there are many questions which pops in your mind. First of all, many people do diet to adopt a healthy living and may want to stop drinking. This article doesn’t promote/endorse drinking, this is for only those people who are on a diet and wondering whether they can have a peg or two once in a while.

Yes, you can have some of the type of alcohol in small amounts and can still be in ketosis. We can explain this under two headings. They are

Keto Friendly Drinks

The keto friendly drinks are Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequilla, Whisky and Red/white wine. There is 0 grams of carb content in 44ml of Rum/Vodka/Gin/Tequilla or Whisky. When it comes to Rec/White wine, the carb content per one glass (148 ml) is 3 – 4 grams. You are allowed 20 grams of carb/day when you are in keto diet. So, yes you can still enjoy your glass of wine per day if you are not going over limit.

Drinks to avoid in Keto

You need to avoid beer, cocktails and mocktails when you are on a keto-lchf diet. This is because even 355 ml can of regular beer has 12 grams of carb content in it. Cocktails are usually mixed with high carb, sugary ingredients like juice, soda, sweetners or syrups. So, its better to avoid cocktails/mocktails.

What you can mix with your drinks?

Sugar free tonic water/Seltzer/Diet soda are the best match to mix your drinks as they have no carb content at all.

Alcohol tolerance level while on diet

When eating strict low carb diet, people need less alcohol to get intoxicated. Possibly, you’ll need half as many drinks as usual to get the same effect. Don’t ever drink and drive.

Hopes, this article show you light in the subject – Use of alcohol while on a lchf-keto diet. Thanks for reading.

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